Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Communication Breakdowns

Yesterday was our first real day of summer (which means it didn't rain) and when I got to work I thought I'd really like to a have a frappachino. So like a good wife I call my husband who should be leaving work to come home at this time ( I work a block or two away from home) and I of course assume he will be more than willing to stop and get me one and bring it to me.

Me:    Honey are you on your way home? ( Ok I know he is but I don't want to appear pushy)
Him:   Yes why, what do you need? (Not very lovingly)
Me:    Well I was feeling rather tired and I have to work till 11pm, so I was hoping you could stop and     get me a frappachino. I don't care which coffee shop you stop at, any one that's convenient for you! (I thought this was very considerate of me since Starbucks would have been out of his drive home)
Him:    Why don't you just get a coffee drink from the store or a Monster drink?
Me:     But honey they aren't blended!

There is about 2 minutes of him explaining what his plans are and where he is going, then:

Me:    Love muffin, I don't need it right now, just whenever you can get it here (again nice consideration on my part)
Him:   Fine.

About an hour later my son walks in with a coffee but it's an ice coffee not a frappachino. Really, we did have the conversation that I could get an ice coffee from work right? Oh well it's the thought that counts, so I just said thank you and drank my coffee.


  1. I think 90% of what we say to men sounds like the teacher in the Charlie Brown specials. He heard "coffee" and "drink"...and that's what you got.

  2. And the ugly specter of passive-agression raises its head again. My hubs would do the same thing.

  3. You called him love muffin and it still wasn't blended? So not right.

  4. oooo I'd have been soooo disappointed!

  5. I love the way men follow directions.

  6. I would have been really bummed if I asked for a Frap and he walked in with an iced coffee. But better that then nothing? You would have just had to get in the car and get it if they had shown up with nothing.