Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I never before realized that I am a creature of my routines. I always thought I was in control free to vary from routine to routine, never tied down to any one pattern in life. I was wrong.

How did I make this startling revelation? I’m working, ok no big deal but I never blogged and worked before. My blog is fairly new and I’ve been a student since I started, which means I would get up before classes and write in blog and read all the wonderful blogs I could. But with this work thing I’m all out of whack!

I get up at different times of the day (instead of the constant 6 am) and I get home at different times as well. I have discovered I don’t like to blog with other people awake in the house and that trying to read blogs while the boys are around is also not productive because I can’t read a whole blog without interruptions or they are reading over my shoulder ( I can’t stand that).

So I am going to have to make some adjustments in my mindset if I am to blog and read blogs this summer because I am not going to let something like a scattered routine steal these moments from me. Though I am going camping this weekend for four days , that might throw me off a bit, so I’ll try again next week. I am after all a very professional procrastinator! (Which has nothing to do with my ability to write and read blogs).


  1. I don't like people around when I blog either! If someone comes in the room, I stop. I never realized it though until you said that.

    You'll get it figured out!

  2. I have no idea where I find the time to blog. i think all of us bloggers should be granted an extra hour in every day... it's only fair!

  3. have a great time schedule just changed up as well so adjusting...

  4. I do most of my reading and writing early in the morning too. l like the quiet of no one else being awake.

    Have fun on your camping trip.

  5. We are having routine issues at our house too! I hope you have a great time camping!!