Monday, June 7, 2010

Grocery Store Moanings

I'm back to work at our local grocery store ( I worked there 11 years before going to college) and I have some grips about the general population, not anyone reading this blog, of course.

First I think that all stores should get rid of the store cards that the customers are forced to carry in order to get "in store discounts". The cards are meant to instill loyality but all they do is give the checkers headaches. Why not just offer great prices because you are that kind of store? Plus I asked a lady for her card and she pulled out two hugh (really big) stacks, rubber banded togethers and looked through each one for her card.

Second when a checker asks you (realize that you are the bazillion customer who has been asked) for your store card, please, please don't just rattle off your phone number as if you are the fastest speeding train in the world. And then when the checker has stopped what they are doing to find the new screen that you input the number on and asks you to repeat the number, don't talk in slow motion as if they are now stupid.

Third, please take a moment and put the person who you are having a very important phone call about who so and so did last night on hold, That way I can ask you for the store card and you can respond or at least pay in a timely fashion. Besides I don't want to hear about your personal life and who you went home with last night.

Fourth if you are an older (much older) person and can barely write a check and have no clue which buttons to push if you do try to use a debit card and require a half hour just to pay your bill. Plus you shake so bad you can't write or push a button I have some very big concerns about the fact that you drove to my store.

Ok so that's what I have after being back to work for a week. Thankfully I am flaoting around to different departments while people go on vacation otherwise I think I'd get really cranky!


  1. I can't stop giggling at *I have some very big concerns about the fact that you drove to my store* I am having Severe Flashbacks of my Grandpa who INSISTED he was as fit as a fiddle (just that term alone means get off the road!) to drive... he use to scare the crap out of the lot of us!! I'd say god rest his soul, but he's probably up there driving the Angels crazy... Rest was not in his Vocab!

  2. lol. yeah i cant stand phone talkers in line...i cant even imagine having to wait on them...i do like my store makes me feel important to have sucha fat wallet you know...smiles.

  3. I love these suggestions!! I hate those stupid cards, and yes I have one for every store known to man. I've always thought I'd enjoy being a checker...I bet you can tell a lot about a person by looking at what they're purchasing each week. :) Fun!

  4. Excellent advice. I sometimes want to say something to the people who don't get off the phone the entire time they are in line... so rude!

    I have a store card, but I have those little bitty ones on a separate keychain and have the appropriate one in hand when I check out. You'd be so proud.

  5. Ooooo I feel a lot of blogging material coming from this new job... and it's scary how these people still drive when they can barely walk!

  6. Thank you. People are so wrong.

  7. insightful words...
    people are different.
    have fun!