Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Movies

Remember Me
I can’t remember why I put this movie on my list to watch. Perhaps the previews made it look like it would have a Romeo and Juliet like presence? The point is it doesn’t, in fact this movie has no point, no plot and no reason to have been made or watched. Rob Pattinson is the same character in this movie as he is in Twilight, slow, quiet and never really making a complete sentence. The movie opens up with a mother and daughter in a subway and two thugs shoot the mother. Now it was dramatic and left you wondering what this was going to do with the movie and the answer was NOTHING. The daughter didn’t seem too messed up by it (Pattinson’s girlfriend), the father might have been messed up by the incident or maybe he was also the brooding, yelling, tough cop, strict and overly protective parent all along. Who knows and therein lays the problem to this movie, things happen and you are left wondering why or why should I care. Since I’m not worried about anyone reading this actually watching the movie let me say that in the end (I know hard to believe I actually watched the whole thing) the boy (Rob) seems to be getting happy, he seems to be healing his broken relationships and then he dies in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, end of movie. Never saw that coming and it was not a good thing. So no stars for this movie, I can’t even think of one good thing I did like. Wait Pierce Brosnan looked.

Eat Pray Love
I liked this movie and noticed that I did not say loved this movie. I thought going into this it was a chick flick, you know tears would be flowing and love would be shown on the big screen in its perfect form. Well it wasn’t, at least not for me. But what it did do is something only really good films can do and that is instead of entertaining me to tears, it had moments where I felt like I had been pinched. The idea is that there were moments of really dialogue that sounded like things I wanted to say and moments where I wanted it to be me on the screen. The acting was good and the story was good, only as a woman said in the restroom after the movie, “I’m not sure what to take away from this movie, should I leave my husband and do my own thing, follow my own heart’s desire and hope everyone forgives me/” . What Ms. Gilbert did was courageous and maybe everyone would love the opportunity to do what she did but it is not a possibility for most and the reality is most women couldn’t imagine just leaving or putting themselves first for a year (ok reality check they don’t have that kind of money either). SO if you are a woman watch the movie, it is good and there are moments where you are reminded that it is up to you to make this life a better one for you, because you matter. If you are a man (who is married to the person sitting next to you) probably not going to be your thing, unless you want to go to bed wondering if your mate secretly doesn’t want to be married! P.S. I did read the book after the movie and it was the same as the movie.

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  1. i read the book so i am prepared...yeah remember me did not look too good...great to see you!