Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teenage Boys

I have four, hungry and hungrier, growing and still growing,  teenage boys living in my home right now and it's killing me. No really its killing me.

They eat non-stop, Zech opened a box of Ding-dongs (I love that name) put one in his mouth and one in each hand. When I politely (because that's what a great June Cleaver mom I am) asked what he thought he was doing, he replied, "Well I'm hungry and you said dinner wouldn't be ready for 15 minutes (surely that must be a lifetime) and you did say first come first serve, so I came first and I'm serving myself. (Smart-ass 15 yo)!

I shop on Saturday and no joke all my food was gone my Tuesday! 3 gallons of juice, 3 gallons of milk, two loaves of bread and a variety of not so healthy snacks.

I'm going to get locks for the frig and pantry (not like that would help, after all they are teenagers and could find their way to food in a corn maze).

So tonight its back to the store but I'm buying 3 gallons of prune juice, rye bread and goats milk (I'd drink it but I think the name might turn them off)!


  1. We keep all the bad snacks in our bedroom. The Boy isn't allowed in there - or he'd eat a whole box of Ding Dongs in a single setting.

    He eats his entire plate of dinner in under three minutes, and 15 minutes later, doesn't remember he has eaten, and asks what he can eat.

    I feel your pain. I could not afford to feed four of them!

  2. haha. yeah i can wait until my boys get there...they alread eat a lot...

  3. Two teen girls at my house. Down 2 gallons of milk,1 1/2 orange juice, a large box of rice crispies, 8 banana's, 6 plums, bag of bugles, loaf of bread and half jar of Nutella since Monday afternoon.
    I keep the cookies in my room ; )

  4. I'd give you a run on those Ding Dongs too. You clearly are buying things that taste good and you must stop!