Friday, July 2, 2010

Boys why oh why?

Thing one and thing two are at wrestling camp this week - yeah me! On Wedneday just as I pulled into the parking lot of work (Have I mentioned I'm working this summer, not sure I like it but I do love paydays!) Anyway here's the call:

Some Guy:   Hi is this Thing One's mom?

Me:  Why yes it is (Ok probably not so proper but yeah sounds like a teenager)

Some guy: I have Thing One here at the trainers office and we believe he has dislocated his finger or maybe broke it, would you be able to meet us downtown at the clinic?

Me:  Why of course, I'll just leave work and come right down, no problem (Ok again maybe I said that but what I was thinking was, now I have to call into work, drive 30 minutes to get to him and he will probably be just fine)

So away I went on my 30 minute drive and then I had me some mommy quilt. Poor Thing One was in a lot of pain. He did dislocate his finger (see below pictures) and because of the way it was bent he probably tore or ripped away some of the ligaments. So hand surgery here we come.  I did stop at Sonics on the way home to get him a treat for having an owie! There was also the plus side for him that some hot blondie athletic trainer took him the clinic!


  1. Ewwww!!! I hope all is well now and his finger is well on the way to mending.

  2. oh dang...why did you have to show the pictures...gag! hope he feels better...ack!

  3. I scrolled down and just had a mom panic reaction.
    Complete with gasp, hand over mouth and Oh My God! Hope he's doing ok.

  4. YOWEE~

    My gut reaction when the phone rings while the kiddles are at camp is usually not to answer it.

    maybe I should take calls from camp more seriously now