Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Future Looks Bright I Oughta Wear Shades

I just got done reading the Hunger Games series because, a) my kid was readying it b) my teaching class suggested them since they are high on the young adult novel list. Here is what I think or though after I finished.

1.  The books are entertaining and easy to read.

2.  Young adults will not (most of them) understand or grasp the truth and sadness in the books. The idea that another human would treat someone so cruelly and cause so much pain seems unreal or unlikely to a young adult. That a government would destroy another country filled with innocent people is unfathomable.

Today I read about North and South Korea shooting missiles at each other and the rest of the world is sitting back doing nothing or passing judgement on who's right and who's wrong. In the books that is what the Districts (mini countries) do. They have become complacent and accept all that is told to them without thought or checking it out for themselves. It is the teens in the book, the children who cause a rebellion to stop the madness, will it be the same for us?


  1. i hope that the next generation has better ideas than the ones we have put forward...

  2. I am looking for more info about the whole North and South Korea thing.

    And the US sure doesn't need to get involved in another war now, even if wartime generally means an improvement in the economy.