Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Movies

Again I have to give you some recommendations from my family because homework has left me with very little time ti actually watch movies. I would have watched a movie last night but instead I had to pay to watch the UFC fights which were ok, except the main fight, which was to go 5 rounds, last a little over a minute! Ok so I transgress here are some movies that my guys (yep I am the last of the females) have recommended for you. (Please be warned I have not personally watched any of these in their entirety or some not at all).

Ok first up Jake (youngest) would like you to watch the Sandlot Kids and he would also suggest that you watch all three. Uh he thinks they're great and fun to watch. He wants me to tell you to have a nice day (such a great kids).

Next we have Sean (middle) he thinks you should see Date Night. It's really funny and he thinks Tina Fey and Steve Carrell are way funny. He likes the part about the kill shot and how Tina's character can't control herself around Mark Wahlberg when he's shirtless (which is the whole movie).

Lastly Zech (oldest) he thinks if you have Netflix you should watch the Robin Hood series. This is  a very well done BBC series that seems to have lasted 3 seasons. I have watched a few and they are decent family entertainment. The boys in the family do seem to get a bit worked up though when a character gets out of line or does something contrary to what they think should be done. Alright then have a great week, see you on the Web!


  1. Jake- I thought there was only one Sandlot??? Your my hero!
    Sean- I love Tina Fey!! She just did an Autism Marathon and showed off her new calendar! Hilarious, she posted her face on a bunch of Supermodels bodies for each month. (you may be too young for that, but it's still funny)
    Zech- is that on a cable channel?

  2. sandlot...nice.
    robin hood...might just check that one out...

    hope you are doing well!

  3. I loved the first Sandlot movie when it came out. I could still watch it actually. I've heard mixed reviews on Date Night.

  4. I definitely want to see Date Night.