Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm back! Well I never really left the planet but I left my blog. There's so much to get caught up with. First I plan on visiting all the blogs I used to say hi to. I didn't realize I missed the blogging community until I was mentioning to my students that I used to have a blog.

That's right I'm a teacher now, I made it!

Wow ok, back to my job, I will find time this weekend to tell my story.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Joys of Being an Old Married Couple

Mr. Bennet to Mrs. Bennet, "You mistake me, my dear. I have a high respect for your nerves. They are my old friends. I have heard you mention them with consideration these last twenty years at least." (Pride and Prejudice)

I am reading some classics in literature trying to play catch up for this next year of student teaching in a high school. I have seen the movie "Pride and Prejudice" but have never bothered to read the book. May I say that there is some delightfully funny one liners written throughout the story, especially from Mr. Bennet. As a woman who has now been married twenty years I can completely relate to the idea of being very familiar with those persistent complaints that come up, that to the spouse who is listening, are suppose to sound brand new. I wish I could throw out some witty comment like that above and have my man be oblivious to the sarcastic nature, but at last we have been married to long and he completely understands all my sarcastic helpful ideas.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Movies

I have a one good and one bad. Wait, not bad, horrible. Wait, what's worst than horrible? Let;s start with the surprisingly good.

Easy A

This movie falls under the teen comedy slash romance. Now right away I am feeling a bit queasy about watching a teen film. At 45 I have decided that I  tend to not find too many things funny that say a 14 year old would. But it's on instant viewing (NetFlix) and the family takes a vote, Easy A it is. Short plot summary: Girl starts rumor she slept with someone, rumor spreads, until the rumor becomes her life, good and bad. I think that sums it up. So what makes this movie so great? It is laugh out loud funny. Emma Stone could tell me her grocery list and I think I would be laughing. Her parents, played by Patricia Clarkson and Stan Tucci, are laugh out loud, stand up because laughing gave you cramps, funny. This is a PG-13 movie and it works perfectly. There is no sex, though there is some sex talk but nothing crude. My husband even had to sit up (he was lying down) because he laughed so hard. What I'm trying to say is this movie is good clean fun and my entire family was gratefully surprised.

No Strings Attached

I don't think I'm a prude, I just don't want to have sex hurtled at me for 1 hour and 50 minutes. And that is what No Strings Attached does. For almost two hours you are given nothing more than sex, sex in various places, sex in various positions, just sex. What the director wants you to believe is that these two people who like having sex together, all the time, will eventually fall in love, because after all that is what sex does to people right? This movie is rated R and believe it or not I would say it is more for the dialogue than the sex scenes. This is a raunchy movie, every organ is publicly discussed, rated and inspected. This movie works best when they stopped pushing the sex, then there were small moments of comedy. I found this movie offensive after a while. Not all American women are soooo independent that we just want sex from a man because we don't need or want them for anything else. And not all American women need alcohol to discuss how they feel. Don't watch this movie if you want a good laugh because instead you will walk away feeling dirty and not to proud to be a woman.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I can't believe I'm finishing my third year of college! I taught this semester for 50 hours at a local high school. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with the English Language Learners (ELL) and I can see myself going back to school to become certified to teach this core.

Now it's crunch time, one non-fiction essay and two history essay's. Keeping my fingers crossed that my last two finals are take home XXXX. (It might help if the computer with all the mindless, time sucking games and of course my beloved Bollywood movies would stop distracting me).

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A List by Any Other Name is Still a List

There are lists for everything these days: best movies, worst movies, the very rich, the worst dressed, the best dressed, top 100 lists and bottom 100 list. I’m a list maker myself but usually more on the “Things I have to do” kind. Unfortunately when I start these lists they become pages of things I need to do and then I sit down and watch bad TV because there is no way I will get anything done. There is one list that I have never made, though I think of doing it often, and that is a Bucket List.

I didn’t know what a Bucket List was until the movie with the same name came out in 2007. Then it was what all my friends were talking about and they would ask me, “Do you have a list?”. “Have you done anything from your Bucket List?”. Uh, no. A bucket list requires a conversation with your soul. This list that will contain your hearts desires, all of the things you want to do, that you feel will make you complete (or at least a life lived well). First off, how do you decide how many things should be on this list? I’m a planner and I require some structure if I am going to make this list. Second, are there rules for the kinds of things I can put on this list? If you’re married do the things have to include your spouse? Where would I get the money to do the things I write on my list? Does world peace seem too extreme?

Probably world peace would not go on my Bucket List because I am under the vague assumption that the items on this list are meant to be about just you and well I don’t see how I could accomplish world peace on my own. I think it all comes back to fear. Fear that there is the possibility that you have wasted this one life given you and that there was so much more you could have done. Which if you think about it seems a rational train of thought because let’s be honest, unless you’re Bill Gates you will not accomplish all of the things you are capable of imaging. I have apprehension that I would make the list and then have too many regrets (depression) that I wasn’t able to do the things I thought I wanted to do. This would then put me back in front of the TV for more really bad reality shows.

I found a book with an accompanying website that will help me create a list. How To Live Your Best Life - The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List, the book contains nine exercises to help you determine exactly what you want from life, as well as a detailed road map to help you achieve it. At 45 you would think that I could decide on my own what I want from life, thank you very much. There are websites out there that divide the list by season or how old you are. But all it really takes is a pen, paper and determination. Look at Susie Mann, a 79-year-old grandmother, who has always been a bit of a daredevil. She's gone swimming with sharks, paddled down a foaming river on a raft, and even harnessed herself to a bungee cord for a 400-foot cliff dive over Africa's Zambezi River. She also has been diagnosed with terminal intestinal cancer. Maybe I need to wait till I’m older to make a list, perhaps old age helps you narrow down the things that really matter.

There is some motivation for making my list now, apparently Princess Cruise’s has a contest for the best Bucket List and I would like to take a cruise, someday. Perhaps the movie the Bucket List has put too much pressure on people to live this exceptional life. After all it isn’t as though I don’t have a life; it just isn’t all that I think it could be. I have a spouse, kids, job and a new career on the way. Plus as a bonus I have three great dogs and two cats, really does life get any better than that? If I decide to jump off a bridge (which I won’t because I don’t like heights) and soar through the air like a bird, until the cord rips my body back up to the bridge, will I have lived a better, more fulfilling life? Personally I don’t think so but there is that part me that wonders if I am missing out on some grand adventure that life had planned for me and I missed the boat. Maybe that is what making a Bucket List is all about, a list of all the possibilities you might have had if you had more money, time and less trepidation.

William Ross Wallace once said, “Every man dies – Not every man lives”. I take that to mean that getting up every morning, brushing your teeth and dressing for the day does not qualify you for living. There was a bumper sticker that I think is relevant, “I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?” That I could live by. Who am I kidding I probably couldn’t even do that, I like clean clothes and so does my family. Plus if I didn’t do the laundry it would go on my ‘To Do” list and that would just give me more anxiety.

A list could be selfish, in that it is all about you (or me if I ever made one). There are other people, usually, in a person’s life that must be considered. Take a spouse for instance, how would my husband feel if I said I’ve always wanted to sleep with a foreigner, so I’m off to find me one so I can cross it off my list. I’m thinking that could lead to some problems short and long term. So what this tells me is that there are rules as to what can be on a person’s Bucket List.

Maybe I’m just a realist at heart. I know that if I make this list most of it won’t happen and I’m not sure if that would make me feel worse about myself or even maybe I would get mad at my guy (and myself) for not making more money so I can go do the list. Men are always so great at pointing out the obvious, like Sven Erikkson’s quote, “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure”. Really I didn’t know that. I’m much more inclined to positive thinking like when Kris Kringle sings with the Winter Warlock, “You never will get where you’re going if you never get up on your feet”. I think that is the problem with making a list, you have to go somewhere, away from here. I like my here and I like my now, too. Maybe the key is to stop watching Hollywood movies because really is there any way to live up to the big screen version of life?

Lists, rules and agendas are not for the living. Maybe they are for the people who are closer to dying because what do they have to lose? Those that are still kicking it and hoping to be doing so for a bit longer really can’t afford to up and leave those we love and be selfish in fulfilling our hearts desires. Somewhere there has to be a middle ground, somewhere between the teenage angst of not knowing what you want in the world and midlife contentment that what I have for now is good and will hopefully get better. Life is what you make it, or so they say (not sure who the “they” is but whatever). For today anyway I choose not to make my “Bucket List” and save it for another day, when I feel that perhaps my tomorrows won’t be coming around.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Movies

Charlie St. Cloud

This movie is listed as a romantic drama, which I suppose in a round about way it is. It stars Zac Efron as a brother tormented by the death of his younger brother. It is my understanding that the movie left out a lot of information from the book that would have made the movie easier to follow. My guys and I were trying to guess throughout the movie what was going on, what was real and what wasn't. It does have a choppy feel to it, like an editor had to have a heavy hand to make this movie come together. I will give Zac Efron some props though, he does have some great moments when he acts with his brother ( played by Charlie Tahan). The teenagers watched this (boys) and agreed that it was missing something, it never got you emotionally involved but you did care and wanted to know more so that you would be invested. ☺☺☺

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Saw this in the theatre in 3D, my first advise is don't see it in 3D. There is nothing worth seeing in 3D that wouldn't be the same in normal viewing. The previews were the only part cool about watching in 3D and the best 3D images were from a ad for a 3D camera. This was not my husbands favorite movie in the series and I have to agree. There is only Lucy and Edmond and their really awful cousin. There are only a few Narnian creatures and really no chemistry between the actors. I will say this for the boy who plays the cousin (played by Will Poulter) he eventually steals the movie because while you hate his voice, mannerisms and just his presence at the beginning of the movie, about halfway through you realize he is the movie and it becomes a love hate relationship. So my advise is rent this one and save yourself some money. ☺☺☺

Monday, December 27, 2010

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

I love this sound! Makes me want to jump around and smile!